Turning Pennies into Solutions

Just One Penny….

The shortage of flooring installers impacts the entire industry from retailers to distributors and even the largest suppliers. FCEF is here to bring the industry together and work toward solutions that will have a positive impact on the entire industry. But, in order to do that, we need the entire industry’s support. A small donation of one cent per square foot may not seem like much, but those pennies add up, and when you think of the billions of square feet of flooring sold each year, those pennies start to make a lot of sense.

Just think, if every supplier created a penny a square foot program and all retailers and distributors participated, we’d have all the funding we need to spread awareness about flooring installation trades, scholarship new recruits, and help get more flooring installation education programs into schools across the nation.

With one penny donated per square foot to support the training and development of our flooring craftsman, we could., we could

  • Scholarship training for thousands of new recruits to enter the flooring craftsman trade.
  • Spread awareness to make sure that flooring installation is considered among those entering the trades.
  • Develop flooring courses in technical schools across the nation.
  • Bring more training opportunities to the communities that need them.

A penny a foot…makes a world of a difference.