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Help new recruits learn with your tools and products. Every donation helps!

Tools & Material Needed

When starting a new flooring installation training program – whether in a technical school or another facility, one of the biggest challenges for the FCEF team is sourcing all the tools and materials needed to properly train flooring craftsmen.

Every dollar we spend on tools and supplies is a valuable investment in our future flooring craftsmen, but with your help, we can spend more of those dollars on recruitment and scholarships.

Wouldn’t you love for new recruits to learn with your company’s tools and supplies from the very beginning of their career?

Contact us today to find out what tools and supplies we need that you might be able to help with. And of course, financial support is always welcomed. We’re looking forward to helping you STEP UP to support a bright future for the flooring industry. 

Ready to Step Up?

Please use the form below or contact us at to find out how you can help get more recruits trained and into the field. 


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