Shaw proudly partners with FCEF

FCEF recruits, educates, and empowers the next generation of skilled flooring installers.

The flooring installer brings products to life. They lay the foundation for the home, the office, the classroom, and more. Installers are integral to the industry, but like many other skilled trades, there is a shortage of flooring installers.

Shaw is proudly an original supporter and donor for the Floor Covering Education Foundation (FCEF). The organization is committed to strategically addressing and conquering the installer shortage by considering the future of this industry and implementing lasting, sustainable solutions.

By consolidating comprehensive education modules and working with trades schools across the country to advocate for flooring installation as a skilled trade, FCEF is ensuring that more people searching for an enriching career will join the floor covering industry. The group has effectively rallied the entire industry to support this cause and shed light on the many opportunities that flooring installation offers.

Shaw continues to offer resources and its own experts to help FCEF with its mission. Creating a stable and sustainable flooring installer workforce is imperative for driving further growth for Shaw and our customers.

FCEF, like Shaw, is committed to creating a better future for the industry, customers, and employees. FCEF’s work to educate and advocate for flooring installation as a valued trade will empower the next generation of flooring professionals.

Learn more about the organization and careers in flooring installation by visiting here: