Seeking Leaders to Join FCEF Dealer Committee

As we conclude the first month of 2024, marked by extensive travel to various conventions and meetings within the flooring industry, it serves as a gentle reminder that our journey ahead is substantial. Engaging directly with stakeholders, our team acknowledges the pressing need for concerted efforts within the flooring industry. 

The Floor Covering Education Foundation (FCEF) is dedicated to reshaping the industry’s future by addressing the installation labor crisis comprehensively, and we need your help. The mission of FCEF revolves around raising awareness, attracting fresh talent, delivering training and education opportunities and facilitating job placements. 

The FCEF believes local engagement and industry participation is required in addressing the installation labor crisis. In order to expand the mission and purpose of the FCEF, we have announced plans to create an FCEF Dealer Committee with the purpose of engaging the industry, sharing input and encouraging support and participation across the floor covering industry.

Here are five key roles that the council may fulfill:

  1. Education and training programs. The committee may devise recommendations for tailored educational and training initiatives designed to support the growth and future of flooring dealers. These programs should specifically address the installation crisis within the industry.
  2. Advocacy and representation. Serving as the voice of the FCEF, the committee will advocate for the interests and concerns to various stakeholders such as manufacturers, suppliers, trade associations and buying groups. This involves active participation in industry events, meetings and policy discussions.
  3. Market research and trends analysis. The council may advise the FCEF on conducting market research and analysis to provide dealers with valuable insights and strategic guidance to adapt to changing industry dynamics.
  4. Facilitation of networking and collaboration. By fostering networking and collaboration among flooring dealers, the council encourages knowledge sharing, idea exchange and the formation of business partnerships. This platform enables dealers to connect, learn from each other and explore collaborative opportunities for mutual benefit by supporting the FCEF.
  5. Promotion of professional development. Encouraging participation in professional development and certification programs offered by the FCEF can enhance the skills, expertise and credibility of flooring installers. The committee may work to establish standards and criteria recognized by the dealer community to commend dealers and installers who meet specific qualifications and standards of excellence.

Through these functions, the FCEF Dealer Committee will play a pivotal role in empowering dealers, fostering industry growth and innovation and assisting the FCEF in addressing the installation crisis facing the flooring industry. 

Those interested in joining the committee can fill out the form at and specify “FCEF Dealer Committee Interest” in the message section. Please note: The deadline for submission is March 1, 2024.

Kaye Whitener is director of operations for the Floor Covering Education Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting recruitment, training and retention of floor covering installers. For more information, email