Facing Facts

Mark Twain once said, “Everybody talks about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it.” Who has the most to lose if the installation labor shortage isn’t fixed? Clearly, it’s the independent flooring retailer; specifically, the small to mid-size flooring retailer. Let’s face it — professional service; specifically professional sales and installation are fundamental to the independent flooring retailer’s existence. Take just one of them away and the business model crumbles.

Large flooring retailers and national chains will solve the problem (temporarily) for themselves. And when I say solve the problem, many of them believe the solution is simply poaching installers from competing retailers, i.e., your installers. Many have the resources to do so and as the competition for talent becomes intense, they’re stepping up their game to do just that.

But, as has been the mission of the FCEF from the very beginning, we know the only true solution to the installation crisis lies in the recruitment of new talent — creating a continuous pipeline of new people into the trade.

The message I have for all small and mid-sized independent flooring retailers is this…
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